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Kid showing how strong it is

Who wouldn't wanna become a superhero? Is there anyone like that at all? Do you even know what superheroes can do? And how did it all begin? Super scientist decided to gather young explorers so they can help her with the secret potion.

But Super scientist knows that she has to act quick because seems like some villains heard about the secret potion and want to get hold of it as soon as possible. They want all the power so they could rule the world.

Kid pointing at the periodic table
Girl writing on a paper and solving mysteries

Let's start quickly because there is not much time left and everything is in the hands of the little geniuses! A bunch of obstacles, padlocks, and riddles are challenges that require very good concentration and teamwork. One extra dragon's tear can awaken the dragon, but one smile less can sadden our future superheroes. And that's something we really don't want.

With real friends, it's easier to make a magic potion invented by our Super scientist. Superheroes are all around us, we just might not see them all the time. With the help of secret potion, kids will become superheroes and save the world from villains.

Kids reading clues