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Kids, it’s time to pick your favorite adventure!

We offer you 3 different rooms full of surprises, riddles, and interesting games.
Are you a tourist in our town and want to explore? We got you!

Or you just wanna have fun with your friends and family and try something new? 
For an unforgettable adventure, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to welcome you to the most fun place in town :)

Robot talking about facts and prices
Alien Invasion Robot


Invaders from outer space are attacking the school! Aliens have landed and occupied the city. They invaded the school, kidnapped the janitor and locked the classroom. But they don’t know that there are kids hiding under the desks. Luckily, the janitor managed to record a voice message for the kids and give them simple instructions to escape the room as quickly as possible! If they fail to escape the room in time, the aliens will turn them into robots! What they found on their way towards the exit is something you will have to discover for yourself!

Secret Potion ProfessorDetective Agency Detective