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What is Cluville kids' escape room?

What is Cluville kids’ escape room?

Cluville – kids’ escape room offers a fun and educational experience for kids from 6 to 14 years old! Each room has a different theme and its own magical story. The riddles include many clues, passwords, locks, and secret recipes! At times, you will feel like you are really there!

An exciting experience for kids who will have to combine various skills to reach a solution. Cluville – kids’ escape room is an excellent opportunity to develop logical thinking and a variety of social skills by solving tasks and riddles in a team. It is also an environment where kids are encouraged to think creatively as it is the only way to reach the final solution.

For whom is Cluville kids’ escape room intended?

Cluville kids’ escape room is specially designed for kids. It is a fun and educational center that offers a unique experience through solving riddles. When they find all the clues and passwords, the kids will be satisfied and happy because they came up with a solution together.

By developing cognitive skills while playing, kids develop their way of thinking, reading, learning, memory, and concentration, but also distinguish what is important and what is not. They will also learn the benefits of teamwork, two-way communication, critical thinking, and other social skills. 

Help! Something came up and I cannot come on a booked appointment so I have to cancel. What should I do in this case? 

In case you need to cancel, please let us know no later than 7 days prior to your appointment. Also, you can give your place to someone else. Just give us a call for any further questions.


How long is the game and when exactly should I arrive?

The game lasts 60 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the game. It takes a while for the children to learn the rules of the game, and say goodbye to their parents. 

Are there any scary or dangerous situations and should a parent be in the room with the kids?  

No, there aren't. The stories are not designed that way. In fact, it is the opposite. Our escape rooms create intense feelings of happiness, joy, and satisfaction while solving problems and riddles together. Each room has its own game master who keeps an eye on the kids, so parents don’t have to be in the room. 

How many children should be in a team to play? 

Each room is ideal for 9 players. If you have more participants, we recommend you book an extra room and make 2 teams. Teams with less than 5 players can also participate; in some cases, we can combine small groups of participants into one larger group so you get a chance to meet new friends. Please contact us for more information.


Does Cluville escape room organize birthday parties or private events?

Yes, Cluville kids’ escape room organizes birthday parties and various private events. Click here for more information. 

Are we really locked in the escape room?

No! You can leave the room or someone can enter the room at any time. All the doors are marked with an “Exit” sign. But do you really want to leave the room and miss the fun? The rooms are designed to be comfortable and relaxing for all age groups and players.