Witch's Trap

Educational adventure in escape room built just for kids!

Witch's Trap The story

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Ready to have a exciting adventure?

You and your friends found a spooky old house. But it's not just any house, it belongs to a very mean witch! You have to hurry up and get out before she catches you because she could turn you into sweet jam!
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Search the witch's house well

Look for clues to find your way out of the room!

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It's time for you to pick your adventure! We have four escape games full of surprises and riddles. Pick the number of players and try to escape!

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  • 3 players 30€
  • 4 players 40€
  • 5 players 45€
  • 6 players 50€
  • 7 players 65€
  • 8 players 75€
  • 9 players 80€
  • Family Package (2 adults + 2 kids) 35€
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