Old Wizard

Educational, fun and interactive escape room built just for kids!

Old Wizard The story

Escape room igra Stari Čarobnjak

The old wizard already forgot what he created?

Our very old wizard found a special formula for happiness, but he already forgot where he hid the pieces to turn on the magic!
Escape room Stari Čarobnjak

Search his castle!

Look everywhere to find the clues and missing pieces of the happiness puzzle!

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It's time for you to pick your adventure! We have four escape games full of surprises and riddles. Pick the number of players and try to escape!

Choose your team

  • 3 players 30€
  • 4 players 40€
  • 5 players 45€
  • 6 players 50€
  • 7 players 65€
  • 8 players 75€
  • 9 players 80€
  • Family Package (2 adults + 2 kids) 35€
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