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Witch's Trap

You and your friends found a spooky old house. But it's not just any house, it belongs to a very mean witch! You have to hurry up and get out before she catches you because she could turn you into sweet jam!

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Old Wizard

Our old wizard needs your help! He was trying to create the magic of happiness his whole life, but when he finally made it, he lost the recipe. Help our wizard and find the happiness formula on your way out!

Cluville escape room
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Magic Book

Did you know that there is a legend according to which everyone who touches the magic book can make one wish? So, find the magic book to escape the room, and remember to make a wish before you go!

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Crazy circus

One day, while trying to perform a trick, our magician made a mistake, and since then a strange magic has reigned in the circus that threatens to destroy it.

Cluville escape room

Rooms price list

It's time for you to pick your adventure! We have four escape games full of surprises and riddles. Pick the number of players and try to escape!

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  • 3 players 30€
  • 4 players 40€
  • 5 players 45€
  • 6 players 50€
  • 7 players 65€
  • 8 players 75€
  • 9 players 80€
  • Family Package (2 adults + 2 kids) 35€
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Think outside the box

Escape games are a great way to foster critical thinking and creativity in children. The puzzles and challenges require kids to think outside the box, work together, and communicate effectively to solve the mystery and escape the room. Plus, the excitement and suspense of the game create an immersive experience that keeps kids engaged and entertained throughout the adventure.

Cluville is a place where kids are encouraged to think creatively and to work as a team. Educational, fun, and interactive escape room built just for kids!

Escape room that makes learning fun and engaging!

Whether you are a tourist and want to explore or just looking for fun and quality time with your family and friends, the Kids’ escape room is perfect for everyone. They are a worldwide cultural phenomenon inspired by a video game called MOTAS, allowing you to experience a live-action game.

With sixty minutes on the clock, you have to team up to solve puzzles and find clues, using your imagination and connecting school knowledge with problem-solving skills. Cluville has custom-made props and a storyline that you will be talking about for days. Generic plot lines and themes are a thing of the past, so our children’s escape room is ever-evolving. And don’t worry if you get stuck; our Game Masters are always here to help you.

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