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The Cluville - Kids escape room is an entertainment and birthday party experience designed for kids from 6 to 14. Get your team together and navigate through a room filled with puzzles and challenges. Each room has a different theme and an exciting backstory, so get ready to explore! Use your brain power to solve riddles and find clues to unlock the padlocks and keypads. Not only will you have a blast, but you'll also develop important skills like problem-solving, thinking outside the box, and teamwork!

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Kids Escape Room

Put on your detective hat and team up with your friends to crack puzzles, find hidden clues, and escape our thrilling themed rooms! Check out our rooms and choose your next adventure in Cluville escape rooms.


Ready for the biggest birthday adventure that will turn you into a superhero, a scientist or detective? Take your special day up a notch with an adrenaline-fueled experience with the best Escape room for kids.

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Who says learning has to be boring? Cluville’s escape room Podgorica offers an educational experience perfect for a school trip full of developing important skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. Contact:

Team Building events

Cluville escape room will get your co-workers searching for hidden clues with, solving puzzles and feeling like kids in no time. So escape to the best team-building platform you will find in your city.

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The best birthday party you can imagine! Our kids had so much fun, we'll be back again!


Everything is wonderful from the staff, the service, the party... Fair in every way, kind, helpful. I recommend it, we can't wait for the next birthday!


The best birthday party you can imagine! The kids had so much fun, we'll be back again!

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