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Professor and assistant sitting

What is happening in the detective agency when there is no detective? In fact, we could say that it is much more fun when there is one.  The detective is very serious and professional in his job, which is good, but the kids have hundreds of questions, they are very curious and creative and love to discover everything on their own so they will take the opportunity now that he’s gone. That’s why the little smart heads are here to figure out what does detective really does.

And the story goes like this. Detective is gone, but his assistant introduces the kids to the agency and tells them everything that’s going on there. The assistant has no idea where the detective is or when he’s coming back, so together with our courageous researches, he sets out to find the key that will lead them to the new adventures. 

Vintage type machine
Vintage radio and chairs

Which challenges will they face along the way? Why are there so many drawers, which are the right ones and what can serve them as they walk through the door that leads to the whole new world? A new world that will make them wanna become detectives!